Former Salem GE Plant employees featured in national commercial

Previous Salem General Electric workers have been through a lot in recent years.

GE continues to slash its U.S. workforce despite receiving over $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies to keep jobs in America over the last three years.

There was a time when the company employed approximately 3,500 individuals. The plant, according to a company spokesperson, was a production hub for control systems and integrated circuit boards for gas and steam generators, pitch systems for wind and turbine blade controls, starters for gas turbines, and down tower assembly for wind power conversion systems.

When GE shuttered its Salem factory in 2019, many people lost their jobs. Recently, some of those people decided to make their voices heard by participating in an advertising campaign urging GE to bring good union manufacturing jobs back to Salem.

One such individual is Kevin Smith who worked at the plant for almost two decades.

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