Newsweek: This Veterans Day, General Electric Must Commit to Keeping Its Military Production in the U.S.

Last month, I was encouraged to see hundreds of General Electric workers from across the country take to the streets to demand the company stop offshoring their work and reinvest in U.S. manufacturing. Many of these workers are veterans, proud to have served their country overseas and to continue to support our military here at home, building and repairing the aviation equipment that keeps our troops and our nation safe.

These workers are understandably worried. GE is pushing through with a hedge fund-driven agenda to break itself up into three separate companies, and evading questions about what this split will mean for its workers and manufacturing here in the United States.

But this isn’t just about protecting U.S. jobs. These workers are saying what I have been saying for years: When GE sends military production overseas, it puts our nation at risk.

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