Lynn Workers Urge GE to Bring Jobs Home in New Commercial

LYNN — The city’s General Electric workers star on national television in a new commercial, which urges the company to stop sending jobs to foreign countries and instead invest in American jobs, including locally. The video starts with a man’s voice saying, “It is time for General Electric to reinvest in America.” The commercial advocates for bringing good jobs back to help “bring America back” and states that Lynn workers have been servicing essential equipment for generations.

The visuals in the video feature High Rock Tower and park, King’s Beach, the “Stories of Lynn” mural, the GE Aviation plant and Lynn’s downtown and streets.

The commercial is a part of the advertising campaign dubbed “Bring it home, GE,” which is sponsored by the Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America (IUE-CWA), a union that represents 150,000 active and retired industry employees.

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