Local GE workers protest offshoring jobs

Workers at the GE Aviation plant at Strother Field are asking their employer to stop offshoring jobs to create more jobs in Kansas.

The local workers took part in new national TV commercial asking the company to bring good union manufacturing jobs back to the local facility.

On Monday, GE employees at Strother Field held a “Bring It Home, GE” protest joined by GE workers in five other states: Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky and Virginia.

Bring It Home, GE, is a large, national coalition that wants GE to invest in the communities like Ark City that have worked to build it into a major manufacturing industry.

A press release from the local workforce states that over the past three years, GE has received more than $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies, funding that was intended to keep jobs inside the country. The release states that more than 70 local workers are still on a permanent layoff because several military service contracts were moved to other countries, including Malaysia and Brazil.

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