In the news: launch of historic coalition campaign calling for General Electric to reinvest in union domestic manufacturing wins international media coverage

The national call of labor, environmental, and military advocates for General Electric to step up as the leader of sustainable, secure, union manufacturing jobs in America has scored major media recognition!

An exclusive article released in the Guardian, ‘The stakes couldn’t be higher’: GE urged to invest in green US jobs, chronicles the launch of the historic campaign, and the urgency behind it. In the article by reporter Michael Sainato, labor leaders, environmental advocates, and laid off GE workers emphasize the need for GE’s reinvestment in American workers - and why that investment must come now. In the piece, IUE-CWA President Carl Kinnebrew cites the crossroads the manufacturing mega-corporation has arrived at, posing the question: “Will GE reinvest in American manufacturing like never before, or will it disinvest in the communities that actually built it?”

For decades, General Electric provided a bastion of good, union jobs, with factories providing opportunity for both American ingenuity and dignity at work. Now, GE’s legacy hangs in the balance. “In 1995,” Sainato writes, “70% of GE’s workforce was based in the US, compared with about one-third today. The number of GE’s manufacturing plants in the US has dwindled from 191 in 2017 to 82 plants in 2020,” despite the fact that GE continues to receive billions of dollars annually from contracts with the federal government.

The coalition is working to ensure the domestic GE comeback our country and communities are counting on. Read the full article here!

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