GE Union Campaign Captains Take the Fight to the Shop Floor

As General Electric union workers with IUE-CWA prepare for bargaining on a new union contract with GE, campaign captains across the country are stepping up to mobilize their shops so workers’ voices are heard.
IUE-CWA members at GE know that to win big, we need to get organized. That’s what our GE campaign captain program is all about. Our campaign captains are union members who have decided to play an active role organizing the shop floor. Here are some of the amazing campaign captains who are already stepping up:

From left to right: Local 83701 members Wanda Beshesrs, Marchelle Hopson, Kim Davis

Marchelle Hopson is an NDE Technician out of Local 83701 (Madisonville, KY) with 18 years of service at GE. “I’m fighting for the future so my family can have the opportunity to work at GE like I do. I’m tired of the tier system created to divide us! Everyone deserves the same decent living wage, affordable health care, and safe working conditions.”
Jay Daley is an Electrician out of Local 81201 (Lynn, MA) and has worked at GE for 4 and a half years. “I got involved in the campaign first because I am the union, we all are, and our union’s strength is directly linked to the level of buy-in and participation of its members. I want to help in getting some level of self-sustainability back for America. Our national security is currently being exploited by supply chain vulnerabilities and our reliance on foreign-made products. I take pride in what I do at GE for our US military, but we must not allow top level executives to continue to exploit our tax dollars in the name of corporate greed and hedge funds.”

From left to right: Chris DePoalo, 81301 Business Agent, Adam Gendron, 81301 Shop Steward, Claudio Giovannone, 81301 Board Member

Adam Gendron is a Machinist out of Local 81301 (Schenectady, NY) who has worked at GE for 14 years. “I’m getting involved in this campaign because I’m tired of sitting back and waiting for something to get better. No one’s coming. No one’s coming to save us. I don’t come to work to help these executives buy another yacht. We come to work to make a better life for ourselves and our families, and right now our jobs are on the line. They have been for a long time and enough is enough.”
Frank Kill is an Engine Mechanic out of Local 86004 (Arkansas City, KS) who has been with GE for 6 years. “I want to fight for a good contract for my family and future GE workers. We all deserve affordable health care premiums and insurance that’s widely accepted like it used to be. I’m also tired of the favoritism and unequal treatment GE uses to divide workers. We must continue to stand together for this contract and for our future!”
Campaign captains are united by our shared goal of ensuring a safe, well-paid, and fair workplace for all GE workers. From all across the country, our members stand in solidarity with each other. Together, we will organize a strong contract for all IUE-CWA members at GE plants across the country.
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