General Electric’s stock recently dropped amid Wall Street panic about supply chain issues plaguing the company. The smartest way for GE to right the ship is to get back to its roots and reinvest in unionized American manufacturing.
With bold action by GE to bring home its manufacturing operations, it can not only do what’s best for American workers, it can also do what’s best for business. GE stepping up to bring it home would mean streamlining the supply chain and strengthening the company’s ability to deliver for customers.
As one of the largest suppliers of America’s military, GE must address the national security risks posed by supply chain vulnerabilities. Keeping defense manufacturing at home is vital to national security and is the best way to honor GE’s commitment to our men and women in uniform who count on the company for the vital military aviation that keeps them safe in battle.
GE can mediate these supply chain challenges by reshoring domestic union manufacturing jobs here at home on American soil. GE can do this by creating domestic subvendor campuses that would circumvent supply chain vulnerabilities and crises, enabling the company’s manufacturing of essential aviation and energy products to be done here in the U.S.
It’s time for GE to invest once again in the robust, union American manufacturing workforce necessary to strengthen our economy, safeguard our national security, and help the company build the foundation needed for long-term growth and success.
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