Coalition Calls on GE, GE Lighting to Bring Jobs Back to America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A national coalition of labor, environmental, trade, and veterans groups launched a nationwide campaign this week entitled “Bring It Home GE,” calling on manufacturing giant General Electric to heed the Biden administration’s call to “Build Back Better” by reinvesting in domestic manufacturing jobs in green energy, military, and commercial aviation. General Electric is one of the largest vendors to the U.S. government, receiving billions of dollars of taxpayer funding a year despite decades of outsourcing.

Advocates backing the campaign say that General Electric, once an iconic leader in domestic manufacturing, stands at a crossroads: continue its 40-year track record of disinvesting, de-unionizing, and offshoring its U.S. manufacturing operations, or recommit to investing in U.S. manufacturing, including by investing in jobs domestically.

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