Arkansas City Courier-Traveler: GE should recommit to America’s national security

When I came home after serving in the army for four years, I was proud to have had the privilege to serve alongside so many brave Americans helping to keep our families, communities, and country safe.

After returning home to Kansas, I was honored to be able to continue to serve in a new role, working as an engine mechanic in General Electric’s Arkansas City plant, building and maintaining military aviation equipment as I did my part to continue keeping our troops and nation safe. When I started at the factory, working for GE was a good-paying union job with a pension that would allow me to provide for my family as I continued to serve my country in a new way.

Six years later, on this day of remembrance for those who have served our nation, I’m worried about GE’s commitment to Kansas veterans like me, and its commitment to the security of the nation that for decades has been the backbone of local economies like ours.

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